12 Months Platinum IPTV Subscription


What  IPTV subscription includes?

✅ +22,000 TV Channels.
✅ +110,000 movies & series (Updates).
✅ High-Quality SD, HD, FHD, and 4K
✅ Compatible with all devices.
✅ Available Worldwide.
✅ Fast instant installation.
✅ Deliver Subscription Details: 5Min-2HMax.
✅ Technical Assistance & support.

FAQ about IPTV subscription.

Where can I find the M3U link, Username, and password?
M3U links, username, and password will be included in your email. You will receive the information as soon as you purchase


How long do I need to run my subscription

You will have to check a few things to make sure everything is working properly

  • Make sure that the Internet works for me by running YouTube or any application that needs the Internet
  • Make sure that your internet speed exceeds 12 megabytes per second.
  • Try not to run a vpn, and if you live in countries that prevent iptv subscription, then you can run a vpn.
  • The subscription works on all paid and free applications, but for better efficiency, try to run it on a paid application

Are there refunds?

We have 24 hours IPTV free trial, it is better to try the demo test before purchasing any of our services. However, if you have purchased any of our subscriptions and for any reason, the subscription we have given you does not work, you can contact us for a full refund before 7. Our support team will check your status and refund you as soon as we are sure that your subscription is not working.


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